Round 8 - Games postponed due to Covid

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this week.

We hope to host Warragul Industrials this week in what will be another tough encounter. They have really worked hard off field to have competitive teams and so far have proven that their improvement focus is working. We hope everyone has a great day of community football. It is also interesting to note that Warragul Industrials are in the top ten of the most successful teams of the decade

hall of fame.

Our big celebration of our Hall of Fame for the last twenty years is being organised this year. This big night is being held at Cranbourne Turf Club’s upstairs function room on July 24th. This will be a celebration of our most successful twenty years in the history of Cora Lynn. For those of you who read the Pakenham Gazette we had a full page spread on the most successful teams in the last decade for the Regional Clubs. We came in just ahead of Narre Warren which would universally be considered to be the powerhouse of the last ten years with four premierships. Only one other club Woori Yallock has been as successful with four premierships as well. 

There are a couple of barriers that Cora Lynn has overcome compared to most other clubs and that is we are one of the few AFL clubs left surviving without a town. The growth mind set required to keep our club at the top of the tree over this period more than makes up for the obvious physical disadvantages. The ability to adapt to an ever changing AFL environment and the loyalty of a small band of volunteers have also been defining characteristics. We are very proud also to have been able to field our junior teams during this period and have always promoted our club to be a family-oriented club who is willing to accept anyone into our club and make them feel welcome. 

business directory.

Thank you to all the businesses that have contributed to our business directory for 2021. We are humbled by the contribution that our businesses make to the club considering the debilitating effects of lock down and the inevitable stresses and down-turn in business that this provides. We are expecting it to be out by the end of May. 

sign in.

For the sake of everyone visiting our ground this week please ensure that you use of our unique QR code to sign in. Public Health is at the forefront of our minds right now and we need everyone to keep safe.